skylight roof

Do you have spaces in your home that could utilize a little more light? Installing a skylight is a great method to let natural light into a dark space. Before you choose to install a skylight, you need to get familiar with the installation process and how to pick the best spot for a skylight.  Below are some things you need to take note before installing a skylight onto your home.


How to Avoid Skylight Glare

You maybe want to install your skylight carefully to minimize the chance of sun glare. Glare doesn’t simply make a room excessively bright. It can likewise make the room uncomfortably hot and make it awkward to be in the space. Sun glare likewise cleans out fabric and causes color fading. You can balance sun glare by adding a shade or filter to the skylight.


Control the Light

Did you know that the state of the skylight impacts where the light goes in the room? In the event that you need the light to spread out, install a skylight that flares rather than one with straight sides. Skylights with straight sides are more suitable when you want focused light that goes into the room in a straight line.


Eliminate Heat Gain

Heat gain can cause your home to feel like a sauna. When the weather getting hot, and you don’t need a skylight making your home become hotter. To take out heat gain, install a skylight that is developed from double-insulated glass that is tempered with low-E coatings. Roofers also suggest bronze-tinted skylights, particularly if the skylight is installed on the west or south side of the home. You can limit heat gain significantly more by installing the skylight at a lower slope.


Consider Vented Skylight

Another approach to keep your home cool and still can let the natural light that skylight offer is to install a skylight that can vent. This permits natural and fresh air into the room and allows the warmth of heat out. For usability, pick skylight that have a motorization feature rather than those that open manually.