algae roof

Roof is one of the vital part that protect the property. An average lifespan of a high quality roof is around 20-25 years. However, there are some factors that can impact the state of the roof and reduce its lifespan which might need roof repair or replacement. There are many factors that can contribute to roof damage and lead to its reduced lifespan. Below are some factors that can harm your roof:

1. Trees

Trees may be great for the property’s landscape and view but there are still some harm it can contribute to your roof.  Trees that are overgrown and especially close to your roof may be can cause a big damage to your roof. All it takes maybe a strong wind or storm to cause your roof damage. Therefore, make sure to always check trees that are close to your roofline. Alternatively, you can actually plan a strategic location to plant your tree beforehand that are far from the roofline. This can save you a great cost before a damage is done and you need to call a professional for the roof repair or replacement.

2. Algae, Moss and Mold

Algae, moss and mold these three things tend to grow into the shady, wet and moist environment. These three things can grow on your roof and cause a great damage there. Therefore, you should always make sure to prevent the water from building up on your roof. Always do  a monthly maintenance to your roof to check up and clean it if you notice a visible algae on your roof. They can grow and spread in a speed of time and damage your roof which might cost you a roof repair later.

3. Hail

Many property owner usually do not take attention to the small size hail that they notice on their roof, however that is not the case. It is in fact an alarming sign for the property owner. Every hail even in the small size can weaken the granules and gradually destroy the roof state without you noticing. This may lead to the cause of roof leak issue over the time. If you are noticing the sign of leakage to your roof, you may want to call the professional as soon as possible to handle the roof repair.

4. Rain

The frequency of the rain falls on your roof can give the impact to your roof. One of the common damage that caused by the rain is the leakage to the property. Frequent rain that falls into your property area not only cause the roof leaking but it also affect the other part of the house. It includes the water streaks along your walls, pooling water of unidentified origin, and dampness or stains on your ceiling. Water damage isn’t limited to the presence of water. You might notice cracking or peeling paint, and signs of mold growth inside your walls or attic. If you notice the leakage on your property, you may need to ask professional to assist you in roof leak repair.